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Out of Your Mind is Great!

Lebo Grand is a South African author and speaker. The quote above is a thought-provoking one. It suggests that we should focus on our physical experiences and sensations rather than getting lost in our thoughts and worries. By doing so, we can enjoy life more fully and be more present in the moment.

Babette Rothschild in 'The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment talks about the symptomatology of PTSD:

"In PTSD a traumatic event is not remembered and relegated to one's past in the same way as other life events. Trauma continues to intrude with visual, auditory, and/or other somatic reality on the lives of its victims. Again and again they relieve the life-threatening experiences they suffered, reacting in mind and body as though such events were still occurring. PTSD is a complex psychobiological condition.”

Somatic exercises are one way of working with the body - focusing on our inner world: our bodily sensations including our breathing - so we can relax our bodies and release the tension.


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