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Couples / Relationship Counselling




Unhappy couple.

The aim of couple or relationship therapy is to resolve problems and find better ways of communication between a couple irrespective of age, gender or sexuality.  I work primarily with both parties together though it can be useful for both people to have one or two individual sessions with me during the course of the therapy.  The focus is how to build a relationship where both parties feel heard, validated and empathised with in order to move forward to resolve conflict.    


Clients are often given homework or tasks, such as conversation topics or actions, to complete between regular sessions.  Clients may be seen weekly to begin with then go fortnightly before maybe seeing me once a month.  Most couples work is short term which I regard as anything between 3 and 12 sessions.  Each session is 60 minutes long.


I have undergone specific couples / relationship training based on the work of David Schnarch, Harville Hendrix and Sue Parker Hall amongst others to work with the couples dynamic.  It is an unusual balance, where I aim to develop trust from both members of the couple to enable a safe and confidential place to explore feelings.  The training I have undertaken is College of Sexual Relationship Therapists (COSRT) endorsed.  Please see my Qualifications / Background page for more details.

Areas I have worked with include:

Couples in Conflict

Communication and Difference

Dealing with Affairs

Meeting Your Partner's Needs

Sex, Arousal and Ageing

Happy female couple.
Relaxed male couple.
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