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Can Anything Cure Grief?

There are few experiences in life that are as encompassing as grief. While everyone grieves differently, anyone who has suffered a profound loss knows grief’s impact.

For many of us, grief is often felt physically and can sit anywhere in our body. It is not uncommon to become unwell following a loss or to experience sleep or dietary issues. Grief can bring a heaviness which makes exercise difficult to continue. Returning to work following a loss can provide helpful structure, but it also has its challenges. Grief tends to leave us in a fog where it is difficult to focus, stay organised, plus manage time and deadlines – all occupational risks. It is often hard to concentrate and it is easy to lose your intellectual spark during grief. The things that used to bring pleasure and interest, no longer do. Many find strength in their spiritual life following a loss, while others may begin to existential question. Deep loss can force us to reassess the assumptions we have about God or how the world works. Unfortunately grief often is felt socially as well. Social support is the number one protective factor following a loss, yet grief can also be extremely isolating. Some friends may not be comfortable with our grief and shy away, causing secondary losses as well. Grief is frequently felt emotionally, perhaps in the form of fear, guilt, anger, loneliness and anxiety in addition to sadness. This is all normal. Go with your grieving. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

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