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Be You!

Often attributed to Oscar Wilde but no real evidence, this is one of my favourite quotations. It reminds me that it is okay to be me. It's okay to walk my own path. If I am feeling unhappy most of the time or aware I am judging other people or not relaxed in other people's company then I may not be content with who I am. If I am frequently seeking the approval of others and not valuing myself then again, who am I trying to be? Am I adapting my behaviour to become more acceptable to others? All this negativity takes a lot of energy as we second guess and make assumptions. Isn't it easier to be ourselves? Are we not loveable as our true authentic self? If we struggle to like, let alone love, ourselves, can we really expect others to love and accept us? Winnicott posed that children thrive best with the 'good enough' parent who loves and accepts them unconditionally for who they are therefore we too can be loved and accepted as the unique person that we are.

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