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Ex-Disney animator Gary Andrews' beautiful animation 'The Doodle Diaries' illustrates what family life is like since the loss of his wife Joy. The One Show | BBC

Every night, without fail, children's TV animation director Gary Andrews captures a poignant moment from family life with exquisite sketches in his 'Doodle Diary'. Hand-drawn in pen, they feature charming cartoon caricatures of himself, his wife Joy and his two young children, Lily, ten, and seven-year-old Ben. When Gary first started his Doodle Diaries three years ago on his 54th birthday, he was a happily married family man whose drawings were infused with humour and delight at his good fortune. Today, they tell a very different story. For the past six months they've charted his harrowing journey as a widowed, single dad struggling to fill the gap left by his wife's sudden death.

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