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Do Clothes Maketh The Man?

We all wear clothes. Even those of a nudist or naturist persuasion, have to wear clothes some of the time. So, the clothes we choose to wear constitute some of our most crucial and carefully chosen lines of autobiography. They say a lot about us whether it be style, colour or combination. The wonderful School of Life examine why our clothes matter. Let's face it, fashion is a huge industry, and we can have a lot of fun playing dress up!

"Once, we were all dressed by someone else. Parents picked out a T-shirt; the school dictated what colour our trousers should be. But at some point, we were granted the opportunity to discover who we might be in the world of clothes. We had to decide for ourselves about collars and necklines, fit, colours, patterns, textures and what goes (or doesn’t) with what. We learnt to speak about ourselves in the language of garments. Despite the potential silliness and exaggeration of sections of the fashion industry, assembling a wardrobe is a serious and meaningful exercise."

You can read more on this and other subjects on the School of Life blog, here:


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