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Giving or Receiving?

UP TV set up a social experiment to see if children would rather receive a Christmas gift for themselves - or give one to their families. Their responses left everyone completely shocked.

The experiment took place at a Boys and Girls Club in metro Atlanta, where 83% of the children come from low-income families. One by one, they are brought into a room to answer several questions. At first, they are asked what they want for Christmas. The video shows different clips of the children revealing their most desired gift - from a dollhouse, to an Xbox 360. Then, the interviewer asks what their mums (or families) would like for Christmas. Each child names a gift that they know that their family member would love.

Here comes the hard part of the scenario. The youngsters are presented with their dream gift and told that it is theirs to keep. Everyone is thrilled...but then they are also given their family's gift as well. They are told that they must pick between the presents. Although it seems as if it would be a tough choice, every single one of the children chooses to act selflessly - and picks the family gift. All of them provide answers for why they made their decision, which are so heartfelt. it might not be a validated scientific experiment but wow, what amazing youngsters!

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