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The Benefits of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is an awareness of the self and it is the self which makes our identity unique, including our thoughts, experiences and abilities. An example of self-awareness would be our ability to reflect on our identities or our personalities, such as knowing what makes our experience different from someone else’s experience. Recognising this difference is a key part of self-awareness.

Self-awareness allows us to know what our limitations are and to make choices based on our capabilities. Self-reflection, insight and mindfulness are aspects of self-awareness which can lead to benefits such as becoming a more accepting person. Mindfulness, too, can support us in developing our self-awareness as we draw attention to our thoughts and our bodies in the present in an accepting and non judgemental way. As for self-awareness, it seems to be important to self-reflect without brooding about one’s negative thoughts, memories and traits.

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