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Remember To Be

I’ve been working on being present in whatever I’m currently doing. As someone who is generally very busy and likes to pride myself on being a great multitasker, just being present can be a challenge. When undertaking a routine task, I’m often checking my phone, reading something, assessing my to-do list or schedule mentally, or thinking about what I’m going to do next. This is so inefficient and also draining on your brain and leads to feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Taking away multitasking, there is huge value in just pausing - breathing, being still, and being present in the moment. It’s restorative, relaxing and healthy. Yes, it is challenging but it’s something I value and aim to do regularly throughout the day. I encourage you to work on it, too – whether it’s methodically single-tasking, consciously reminding yourself to be present, meditating, or anything else, try to be present this week. Try sitting with your tea or coffee and bring your mind into the present. Yes, minds wander so bring it back to the present when you become aware of it wandering off. Like a muscle, it get's easier and stronger and more effective, the more often we do it. It is a practise.

Remember … we are human beings, not human doings!


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