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Why Create?

The potential space between the self and the outside world is the place for experiencing life creatively, whether it is a landscape, a theatrical or musical performance, a poem, or another individual and it is here that meaningful psychotherapy takes place. Winnicott writes:

“I have tried to draw attention to the importance both in theory and in practice of a third area, that of play, which expands into creative living and into the whole cultural life of man… [this] intermediate area of experiencing is an area that exists as a resting-place for the individual engaged in the perpetual human task of keeping inner and outer reality separate yet interrelated… it can be looked upon as sacred to the individual in that it is here that the individual experiences creative living.”

Winnicott insisted on the uniqueness of each individual and the right to, and importance of, discovering the world in a personal, creative way. This, of course, also applies to psychoanalysts and to psychoanalytic theory, and for that matter to any other field. In a paper given to the British Psycho-Analytical Society in 1948, he asks “… has due recognition been given to the need for everything to discovered afresh by every individual analyst?”

So why not pick up your pen, pencils, paints or musical instrument and have a play. Just relax into it and allow yourself time to explore. No criticism or judgement. This is about enjoying the process, not focussing on the outcome. Ask yourself, how did this feel? Can I name the feelings? Did it take me to any past, present or future place? Any insights gained about yourself?


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