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How To Get Into Your Body

I recommend somatic experiencing exercises which can be quite the transformative journey. Watch Dr Arianne Missimer guide you through three powerful somatic exercises designed to help you break free from the mental chatter in our heads and reconnect with your body's wisdom. Whether you're seeking stress relief, mindfulness, or simply a deeper sense of presence, these exercises are your gateway.

Join us as we explore gentle movements, breath awareness, and mindful stretches that will anchor you to the present moment. Remember we are focusing on our inner bodily experience rather than how 'effective' the stretch is.

Timestamp: 00:00 I

ntroduction 00:14

What You Need To Know About Somatic Experiencing 00:56

1st Somatic Exercise: Butterfly Hug 01:53

2nd Somatic Exercise: Wipe Away 02:37

3rd Somatic Exercise: Goddess


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