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Beltain at Butser

I am a great fan of marking Beltain and the changing seasons. When I was sent this video, I wanted to share it as I love the work Butser Ancient Farm do. So sit back and enjoy and if you spot me, let me know:-)

It's Beltain! The original May Day festival celebrated in the Iron Age, and our biggest event of the year! Every year, we hold our Beltain Celtic Fire Festival to mark this ancient festival, complete with live music performances, morris dancing, incredible drumming, and of course the burning of a 30ft wickerman. We've been holding this celebration at Butser annually since the 80s, and this video captures the best bits of one of our favourite festivals -- 2022! To everyone who joined us, thank you for making this event so special 💚 We hope to see you at Beltain in the future!

Butser Ancient Farm is an open-air experimental archaeology museum and active research centre, learning about the past by recreating it. Our experiments are world-renowned, and our buildings include a Roman villa, Celtic village, Stone Age farm, and Saxon halls — all reconstructed from real UK archaeology, and open to be explored! We do everything we can do share our passion for the past, from visitor opening and school groups to filming our experiments for bitesize documentaries!

See behind-the-scenes of our experimental archaeology and help directly fund more research! For the price of a coffee, watch over 100 short documentaries and discover our ancient past. Visit to learn more!


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