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Time is a Gift!

How do you manage your time?

Some of us are very time orientated, highly organised and focussed on striving forward and possibly missing the beauty of the present and then there are those of us who go with the flow, never worry too much about punctuality and have a much more spontaneous approach to how we manage our day who may miss out on planned experiences with others.

Time is a gift. It is precious. Once a moment has passed, it can never be recovered. It will forever remain a part of our history, indelibly written in our past, unchangeable. If we have missed out on an opportunity to share love with someone or glimpse the beauty of the world then maybe we have lost something precious.

So waste your time wisely! Rest may give us the energy to appreciate each day as it comes. Sharing the little things can bring great joy and stopping to "smell the roses" helps us to enjoy the present.

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