Check your Thinking!

If you can catch a possible negative thought - especially before it escalates; assess, challenge and reframe then you will be creating positive neural pathways. Don't forget 6 positives for every negative. If that is difficult, start with 3. Don't forget it takes 60 times before it becomes a habit so keep at it! You don't have time for this!

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Counselling in   Liphook, Hampshire.

Amanda J C Croft  FdSc Counselling, BA (Hons), PGCE, RegMBACP (Accredited)

Amanda Croft RegMBACP(Accredited) 


Child, Young Person and Adult Counsellor / Psychotherapist


Approved Adoption Counsellor 


Tel:  07864 967555






Counselling in Liphook          Counselling in Midhurst          Counselling in Haslemere          Counselling in Petersfield

Counselling in Hampshire        Counselling in West Sussex       Counselling in Surrey             Counselling in Hampshire