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It's a Men's Issue

This is from April 2015.

In the light of the recent shocking kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, I wanted to revisit this video. I actually wanted to share Chris Hemmings excellent interview on the BBC News Channel but it appears that the BBC did not want him to upload it (why?).

Back to this video - When Jackson Katz asks a room full of women what they do to avoid sexual assault, the list of answers he receives is endless. Some women have 911 on speed dial. Others check the backseat of their cars before opening the car door. Some use a male voice on their outgoing voicemail message or have mace attached to their keychains. When Katz poses this same question to men, the room, unsurprisingly, remains silent. Katz sat down with Mike Walters to offer a unique perspective on the fight for women’s rights through a male prism. It appears, as so many of us believe, it is NOT a female problem but a male can men help other men to stop violence against women?


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