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Struggle to Apologise?

According to Psychology Today, people who struggle to apologise are likely to have a weak sense of self and need to protect their self-image. Instead of apologising, they avoid responsibility by doubling down on their original claims or blaming others. Another article on TED Ideas suggests that such people often have such deep feelings of low self-worth that their fragile egos cannot absorb the shock of admitting they were wrong. So their defense mechanisms kick in — at times, unconsciously — and they may externalise any blame and even dispute basic facts to ward off the threat of having to lower themselves by offering an apology.

It’s important to note that even the most conscientious among us occasionally fails to apologise. When this happens, it’s usually for one of two reasons: We don’t care enough about the other person or the relationship to take on the emotional discomfort of owning our mistake and apologising for it; or we believe our apology won’t matter.

To conclude, apologizsng can be difficult for many reasons, but it’s important to recognise the value of taking responsibility for our actions and making amends when necessary. Go on, repair that rupture. Your relationship will thank you.


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