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Writing is Painting With Words

Voltaire once said, “writing is the painting of the voice (Penny, 2013).” That was over 300 years ago, and this has still not changed. Writers and authors use words to express the art that is in their minds and you can do that too. We can all use writing to express how we feel for no-one other than ourselves. Why not grab yourself some paper or a journal - The Works sell lovely A4 and other sized journals for less than £5, settle yourself down and have a play. Maybe a few words to describe a feeling, or write with a time boundary of just 5 minutes. If your feeling more adventurous, can you find a metaphor to describe how you feel? Or try writing a scene or story with yourself as a character. Writing in the 3rd person may be a way of gaining insight from a different perspective. Remember, what you are writing about is always more important than spelling and grammar.

Why not give it a go?


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